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The Accounts Receivable Shared Service Center (ARSSC) provides a shared service for both the Johns Hopkins University and Johns Hopkins Health System in the billing and collection process of Sponsored – cost reimbursable (SPSS) and Non-Sponsored.

Note: Patient and Student Receivables are not included in the activities of the ARSSC.

Phone: 443-997-2480

Fax: 443-997-5155

billings@jhu.edu & billings@jhmi.edu

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Most sponsored and non-sponsored billings will be centralized, with cash receipts going directly to university/health system bank accounts rather than to departments. If the department needs to create an invoice it will be a parked document and reviewed, approved and mailed by the Accounts Receivable Shared Service Center (ARSSC). The Service Center will also monitor, follow-up, and collect open receivables.

Fax: 443-997-4290


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